Holiday Photos 2013: Lydia Dykstra

Last Thursday, I got the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite young ladies, Miss Lydia Dykstra. I’ve known her since birth, and pretty much at every given opportunity have photographed her. Her parents, Brandt and Stephanie, and myself had so much fun with this photo session. I shot this on location in their home on a very cold night.

Lydia is two years old, and like any two year old, can be finicky when it comes to taking photos. I mean, playing with your toys is more appealing than sitting still for well, ANYTHING. However, once we started playing her favorite song by the Aquabats (The Aquabats! How cool is this kid?!), she was dancing and singing along, which made for some wonderful and fun photos.

I’d like to thank the Dykstra family for giving me this opportunity. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys! Thanks!

lydiaholiday_web-13 lydiaholiday_web-9 lydiaholiday_web-5 lydiaholiday_web-3


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