Finding the Fountain of Youth, with a little help from Rick Sebak.

Rick Sebak is a true Pittsburgh treasure.

If you’re not from the area, you might not know who he is, but to the average Pittsburgher, he is a living legend.

He’s the guy who makes the oddball, quirky, yet incredibly informative local documentaries. He can make pretty much ANYTHING pertaining to Pittsburgh seem interesting and fascinating.

Recently, a program that he did pertaining to North Park and South Park (Yes, there really is a South Park!) was on TV and he mentioned a structure that says it’s the “Fountain of Youth”. It’s an old structure that was most likely built in the 1930s, so of course now the area is overgrown with trees and weeds. It’s not exactly easy to get to from Kummer Road in North Park, but visible nonetheless.


Of course, when the weather is nicer, I’ll go back and explore this place a little closer. Thanks, Rick, for letting me know about this!