Preserving our history, one photo at a time.

I love old things.

Old buildings, old signs, old fonts, old photos…basically anything old.

Why? Because there is history behind it.

Maybe it’s because my mom is a history teacher.

Maybe because I love a good story.

Maybe just because.

A little over 2 years ago, my fiance showed me a video by Aaron Draplin from Draplin Design Company. Basically, the gist of it is that our society now has less and less respect for history.

Now, being in love with old signs to begin with, I realized that I needed document all of the old signs I could find before they got replaced or went away. There have been a few that I was lucky enough to capture before they got replaced, and a few not so lucky. Yesterday (March 6th) I was blessed with a rare weekday off and decided to go exploring in my small window of spare time. This is what I found.

North Park Mini Golf

North Park Mini Golf

Look at how COOL that sign looks! The paint is peeling and it looks crusty, right? That’s what gives it CLASS! Thankfully, that sign is still there. I plan on going back to shoot the rest of the mini golf because frankly, it looks a little weird and old and creepy.

Exactly up my alley.


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