Verma / The Lopez / Worn Colors / I am a Sea Monster / Dakota – 5.17.2014

Last Saturday, May 17th, Robert M Revay and I went back to my roots as a punk rock show photographer and enjoyed a house show played by mostly local rockers. The LopezI am a Sea CreatureWorn Colors, a local comedian known asDakota, Hradio Signal, and Chicago-based psychedelic/experimental band Verma all played at an unassuming house in Homestead, PA known as The Sickhouse. Despite it being a smaller venue, everyone that performed that night played their hearts out. I captured the majority of the event, but unfortunately could not stick around for the show’s last performance by Hradio Signal. These photographs represent some of the many highlights of the show. Thanks to Robert M. Revay Art & Design for helping with the final cut selection and image post-production work (he’s been helping me to take my vision to the next level).

A huge thank you to The Sickhouse for having this show, and thanks to all of the performers involved. It was a great event!


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