First of all, this was my first wedding of the 2014 season. The occasion took place on June 14th, 2014 in Morgantown, WVA. Now, this isn’t my FIRST out of state wedding (Shenandoah National Park takes that distinction!) but like my Shenandoah wedding, it was quite the relaxing affair. Geordie Smith and his bride, Logan Jones, hosted the ceremony and reception at their gorgeous farmhouse that was at one point converted to a duplex.

I literally FELL IN LOVE with their house. Logan is an artist and has QUITE an eye for design and furnishings. It was a wonderful mix of vintage, scavenged and modern furniture. Plus there was this awesome Elvis lamp (which I hear her father wasn’t the biggest fan of!).

The ceremony was short and sweet and the food was all homemade or hand prepared, however, it was the type of wedding that even if you walked into it a total stranger (like me — I’m good friends with Geordie’s mother, Beth and her husband Jukka), you walked out feeling like a part of the whole Gehrman/Smith/Jones family.

Here is a small sampling of some of my favorite shots from the day. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Geordie and Logan, on your marriage…and the little one on the way!


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