From the Archives: June 2013 – My Gold Mask, Garfield Artworks

I’m gearing up for a wedding on Halloween this year, and that means I need to hone up on my post-production color editing skills! I sadly have such a backlog of photos that I shot for fun (usually at concerts) that I never got around to actually editing and posting. But the plus side to that is that I have plenty of material to work with and make sure my color editing skills are top notch.

These photos in particular are from June of 2013, of a band called My Gold Mask at a local DIY venue known as Garfield Artworks, which is run by a guy called Manny Theiner. My Gold Mask used to be a band called Bang! Bang!

This show had a lot of energy, and they are indeed very musically talented. However, the best part of the show was getting to meet the band afterward. The lead singer was so very personable and gave the BEST hugs — and I am definitely one for hugs!

If they ever decide to stop back in Pittsburgh, I would definitely check them out again! Here’s some photos from the show! Enjoy!


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