Love is Love.

Same Sex Marriage is now legal!

I’m super happy today.

Today, everyone in the United States of America can legally marry the person they love.


I never had a doubt that this day would eventually come, but now it has and it is here!

When I photograph a wedding or an engagement, I get really excited about it. I think I feed off of the loving energy from the couple that I am photographing and it helps me to really capture the moment. So you see, the beautiful photos you see from me are part of a collaborative effort. YOU bring the love and YOU project that emotion out when you’re really feeling it — and I’m capturing it in my own creative way. I’m capturing love.

It’s a beautiful thing, really.

I can’t wait to be excited on that magnitude again.

Getting married? Let’s talk. I’m available for weddings, engagements and everything in between. ❤