Lilly Mae is ONE!

I’m a WEE bit behind on this, but since my best friend since birth, Amy, was in town with her family to celebrate the marriage of our mutual friend Brandinne to her husband Peter — I felt a little inspired to finally edit the images from her BEAUTIFUL daughter Lilly Mae’s first birthday party.

Like with any celebration in the Barber family, it was held in Amy’s parents’ backyard. Many, MANY milestones have been witnessed here and the first birthday of Miss Lilly Mae was no exception. What amazes me the most about Lilly is her smile and her lovely blue eyes. She is such a happy baby! And she’s got some incredibly good genes from Amy and her husband Chris.

I wish Amy and Chris and Lilly didn’t live so far away (Amy is a pharmacist in Southern Virginia) so I could see them more! Amy and I grew up together and even though we aren’t sisters by blood — she and I are sisters in spirit. I consider her to be my family, and henceforth – Lilly is my GORGEOUS niece. ❤

Anyway, the photos are finally up! Enjoy! And hope to see you guys at either Thanksgiving or Christmas!


One thought on “Lilly Mae is ONE!

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