City of Pittsburgh – Light Up Night 2015

Pittsburghers love their fireworks.

Every year on the 4th of July, various Pittsburgh Pirates games, Light Up Night and First Night, the City of Pittsburgh puts on a fireworks show. People come in from outside of the city to watch them, and for just cause: they are simply gorgeous.

The fireworks are ignited by the world-renowned Zambelli Fireworks.

I typically don’t attend Light Up Night in Downtown Pittsburgh due to the fact that traffic in and out of the city can sometimes be a little bit frustrating to deal with. I was on my way home from Fayette County when I was passing though Downtown on Crosstown Boulevard when I saw the fireworks show begin. I had my camera with me and on a whim, I joined other commuters on the side of the road on the Veterans’ Bridge to stop and watch the show.

I like this vantage point on the bridge for fireworks because after they are over, you can quickly be back on your way without the downtown traffic jams of other cars trying to make their way home. Plus, you get the interesting architecture of some of the buildings, like the new convention center, in your shot.


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