Dykstra Family Holiday Photos – Sneak Peek – 12/12/2015 – Downtown Pittsburgh, PPG Ice Rink & North Shore

My friends make beautiful babies. And I am so fortunate that it is my job to take photos of these beautiful babies and of course, their families.

I’ve photographed Lydia before, and it’s always a fun time hanging out with her and her parents, Stephanie and Brandt Dykstra. She’s definitely an animated and smart child to work with. When working with small children, you must be incredibly patient. No one gets to see the outtakes of pouting and grumpy faces, but if you stick with it and just be patient — you will get magic. That’s exactly what happened on this unseasonably warm day in December (it was almost 70 degrees…IN PITTSBURGH…IN DECEMBER!)

We started out at the Ice Rink at PPG, and I think maybe the crowds didn’t sit well with Lydia at first, because she was very shy. We decided to hop on the ‘T’, which is Pittsburgh’s version of a subway system. Lydia was very excited to be riding on the train and we ended up at the water steps outside of PNC Park on the North Shore. Add a late afternoon sun, and virtually no crowds and you get gold. It also helps if you let a 4 year old be your unofficial ‘assistant’.

Thank you to Stephanie, Brandt and Lydia for letting me take the time and capture these lovely images of your family…the day could literally not be more perfect!


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