Peroney Family Holiday Session – Sneak Peek – Round Hill Park and Exhibit Farm – Elizabeth, PA – 12/13/15

Today on the blog I have a extra secret sneak peek of the session I had with the all of the kids of the Peroney family – Brad, Kelli, Joe and Josh – and Brad and Joe’s wives – Apryl and Meesh, and last but certainly not least, Kelli’s son Perry.

Why the secrecy, you ask? These photos are a present for their mother, Debbie! All of them managed to sneak out of the house to take part, so bravo!

I had a lot of fun photographing them all. I’ve known Joe since elementary school, and we’ve seen each other at various weddings and other social functions. I got to meet Meesh for the first time, although we’ve been Facebook friends for a while. I have to say, Joe and Meesh are probably one of the cutest couples I know (they celebrate ‘month-sarys’) and I stalk them both a through Facebook and Instagram.

I also got to meet Apryl, and she is definitely a fun and awesome lady! 😉 Brad is definitely a lucky guy!

They are the very definition of a close and tightknit family. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to sneak out for this photo session — you guys are the greatest! 🙂


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