Dumplings and Hard Money – Howlers Coyote Cafe – December 2015

Happy New Year, folks!

As promised in a previous post – here are some photos I’ve taken of two local Pittsburgh bands: Hard Money and Dumplings! I’ve been working so hard over the holidays on a few family holiday sessions, and I never really got the opportunity to edit this particular show.

This was the last Hard Money show for a the time being, as the keyboardist Bill Bernstein will be relocating with his girlfriend Abby in a few short weeks to the Akron, OH area. It’s really not far, so the rest of the band and its’ loyal entourage (aka Bob, myself and some other cool kids) will be able to still hang out with sufficient notice and planning.

You’ll notice the drummer, Steve Sobeck, is a familiar face as I photographed him and his lovely family last month for the holidays. It was pretty cool to receive a card in the mail with a photo you’ve taken on it.

This show was indeed a lot of fun to attend, and photograph! Thanks for inviting me out to share in the fun!


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