An Update…

Hello friends.

Things have been a tad slow here at Michele Joann Photography. Last September, I started a new job at a new place of employment and aside from a few family photo shoots here and there for various holidays…I’ve been pretty focused on that. 

I keep promising myself that I need to focus more on my creative endeavors, and really…I AM TRYING!

I’ve involved myself in a local Facebook group for Pittsburgh-area film photographers, and so far I’m really enjoying the interactions I am having within that group. It’s inspiring me to go back to my roots in film photography, and more analog and handmade processes in the craft.

Pittsburgh is an extremely competitive city for the lifestyle and wedding photographer and even with the social interactions with my colleagues, I find myself getting lost in the shuffle. It’s very easy to get discouraged when a lot of folks have a very similar product and the client wants to go for a certain “trend” in photography today. The whole point, to me, is to produce a unique product that my potential client will love…and finding that footing is something I need to focus on hard, while putting a personal touch on it.

I want to stand out. Be the photographer who does something almost no one else does. Give the client something they will always remember as the most amazing experience. Be different. Be unique.

Going forward, I’m going to be intergrating more film and analog processes in client work, in addition to digital images. I’m going to put more of my heart and soul into my work. And I’m going to have fun doing it.

Thanks for reading!




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