About Michele Joann


Photo by Robert M. Revay

Ever since she received her first camera (a Kodak 110 camera) at the age of 10, Michele Joann Kranik has been photographing people, places and things in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area and hasn’t stopped since. She has been encouraged and influenced by many people; beginning with her Aunt Kathryn and grandfather Louis (who were also avid shutterbugs themselves) to such acclaimed photographers as Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz and Anton Corbijn.

She began her career in photography as many do: as a passionate hobby. If you knew Michele in her college days, you would know she went to a lot of rock concerts…and of course wanted to photograph them all. Friends and strangers started to take notice of the photos she was taking and started asking her if she would photograph them and their families.

With her formal photography training at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, plus her real-world journalistic and inquisitive approach to the world around her, she slowly began to shoot on-location portraits and took on wedding photography with a mix of traditional and creative styles of telling the story of the day.

Michele is available for hire, and takes on each client with a genuine excitement for the task at hand.

Thank you for stopping by!


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